Kerry Mehaffey & Maxine Joseph-Bruce

Kerry Mehaffey

Director of Business and Economic Development, Lil’wat Nation

Kerry Mehaffey has worked for the Lil’wat Nation for 11 years in various capacities. For the past seven years he has led the Lil’wat Business Group, the Lil’wat Nation’s arms-length, for-profit business entities including their Forestry, Retail and Land Development activities. Originally from Nanaimo, BC Kerry holds a BSc in Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria and an MSc in Public Policy and Management from the University of London as well as Executive Education Certificates from the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School. Kerry lives in Pemberton with his wife and two small children.

Lhpatq, Maxine Joseph-Bruce

Operating Board of Directors and President of Líl̓wat Business Corporations, Lil’wat Nation

Lhpatq, Maxine Joseph-Bruce is passionate about First Nations Title, Rights and Responsibilities, developing economic opportunity and working from the positive. Committed to improving the Líl̓wat economy, Lhpatq has held the Economic Development portfolio for nearly a decade, and thanks the leadership and community for trusting in her abilities and commitment.

She considers that building relationships and partnerships are some of the essential building blocks for reconciliation and for developing a sustainable Líl̓wat. Asked about her leadership achievements, she cites “learning how to carry the bigger responsibilities that are coming our way”.

The personal achievement that makes Lhpatq the happiest is watching her 2 adult children who are coming into their own, and are strong and independent.

Whether in the community or at the council table, she strives to work from a place of kindness and compassion, employing a phrase she learned from a dear friend: “Be hard on the problem and soft on The People.”

Lhpatq is in her fifth term on council.

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